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Over 10 years in engineering

Summing up a diverse expertise in different technologies and for various systems, our team brings competences and skills in order to build quality value to our customers.

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Work Desk

2 offices

We are a 100% Romanian company located in Bucharest and Iasi. To bring flexibility and to promote a globalized environment, we work from just about everywhere.


4 domains

We currently provide expertize in several domains, using different technologies, tools and standards.

Just to name a few domains: automotive, railway, industry, web development.

User Interface

experienced engineers and counting

We offer a network of passionate professionals bringing a wide range of skills. 

Working together for many years now, we have gotten to know each other very well. Thus we focus on delivering value, while continuously improving ourselves as individuals and as teams.

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Image by Karl Magnuson

30% of Benoli are Women

We believe in equal rights and we are making efforts to improve this number


95% Retention Rate

We are proud that more than 95% of the people we hired are still in Benoli

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3D Balls in Rainbow Background

We believe in equity

We are constantly work to improve the workspace for everyone

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