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Digitalization is driving new technologies in the railway industry

Multiprocessor and Multithread systems 

In developing interlocking Technologies, Train Detection System ,Point Machine, Signalling Systems with the common objective of  building business models that will address challenges and improve the performance of the railway sector

We focus on developing solutions using technologies like: 
Eulynx, Cenelec, RaSTA and SIL with a strong commitment to optimization, performance and innovation. 

Image by Daniil Zameshaev

Experience with new technologies and standards for railway digitalization:




Up to SIL 4

We successfully implemented SW for multiple field elements according to Eulynx standard

point machine.jpg

Train Detection System


rail tds.png
Image by Xavi Cabrera

Signaling Systems

Diagnostic and Maintenance

We propose an easy-to-use application with a modern and user-friendly interface that can be used to simulate the entire Eulynx system.

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